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November 10, 2013

We are closed for new repairs!

Please check our news page for more information.


General Repair Information

We have found that a flat rate charge is the fastest and fairest way to get your calculator repaired. The standard flat labor rate includes the necessary repairs to return your calculator to 100% functional condition and includes:

What is not included in the calculator repair fee:

If you suspect your unit will require replacement of the LCD, please contact us with the model and serial number of the unit as well as a description of the problem. This will help with a proper diagnosis and confirming a replacement part is available. We have parts in stock for most models and will provide current pricing at that time.

Repairs to extensively damaged units and/or where the parts cost would exceed $15 will be quoted before work proceeds. To repeat, no work beyond the flat rate plus $15 will be done without your approval.

In general, keyboards account for most of the non-repairable problems. While many times intermittent keys can be cleaned, damaged keys, loose keys that rock side to side and keys that do not have the proper "click" cannot be repaired. Units with entire rows or columns of non-functional keys can generally be repaired.

Please note that we do not have replacement faceplates and other "cosmetic" parts. While we will make reasonable efforts to repair cosmetic issues, we cannot simply replace dented and scratched parts since they are not available.

Please email us should you have any questions about what can and cannot be repaired before sending your calculator.

In the unlikely event we cannot repair your calculator, we do not charge the full repair fee. All that we ask is that you pay a small fee for the work done and the cost of return shipping. If you do not want the unrepairable calculator returned, there is no charge for our work. The charge for customers in the US is $29.00. Outside the US, the fee is $25.00 plus the actual cost of shipment.

Repair fees by model number list

We are happy to accept most major credit cards, your personal checks and money orders for payment.