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November 10, 2013

We are closed for new repairs!

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No doubt you've arrived here because your trusty Hewlett-Packard calculator no longer works. For some of us, without it, we're lost. The calculator your co-worker lent you isn't RPN. Now you're really frustrated. Why can't HP fix this for me? Well, there are many reasons but that's why we are here. Our only business is repairing and supporting older HP calculators. No laptops, no pda's, no cell phones, just HP calculators. With our years of experience, we have developed the necessary tools and fixtures to safely disassemble and repair these great machines. When you get it back, it will be fully functional, cleaned and ready to go back to work.

We repair many different product lines that span more than thirty years including scientific, business and graphing models. There are some models that for a number of reasons, cannot be repaired. You'll find a complete list with reparability and costs on our Model List.

Once you are ready to send your calculator in for service, you'll need a copy of our Return Form where you'll find detailed instructions and our shipping address. If you would like to read more about the repair process along with some how to ship information, you'll find that on our General Information page.

If you are looking for replacement calculators, we may have some stock of both new and used units for sale. As our online store is not up and running at the present time, just send us an email and tell what you're looking for. You can contact us at for availability and pricing.

General questions and inquiries can be emailed to our

Export customers please note:

Our Post has significantly rasied shipping costs for all export parcels. If would like to know what the return shipping costs would be to your location, you can navigate to their website and enter the weight and destination in the "package" option. You will be presented with the options, based on speed of delivery. Your cost will be the service level you choose, rounded to the nearest dollar amount. We do not charge anything additional to this amount for export shipping.

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