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November 10, 2013

We are closed for new repairs!

Please check our news page for more information.


Repair fees by model number

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Model Description USA
01 HP's only watch Additional Information
10 HP's adding machine Additional Information
10B Basic Business $29
10Bii Basic Business Additional Information
10C Basic Scientific $69
11C Advanced Scientific $69
12C Business Classic Gold (3 cell version only) $49
12C* Business Platinum or Aniversary Additional Information
14B Business $39
15C Advanced Scientific $69
16C Computer Scientist $69
17B Advanced Business $49
17Bii Advanced Business $49
17Bii+ Advanced Business Additional Information
18C Folding Alphanumeric Additional Information
19B Folding Alphanumeric Additional Information
19Bii Folding Alphanumeric Additional Information
19C 29C with Printer Additional Information
20S Algebraic Scientific $29
21 Second Generation 45 Additional Information
21S Algebraic Scientific with Statistics $39
22 Business Calculator Additional Information
22S Algebraic Scientific $39
25 Programmable Scientific Additional Information
25C HP25 with continious memory Additional Information
27 Do Everything Model Additional Information
27S Algebraic Scientific with Solver $69
28C Folding Alphanumeric Additional Information
28S Folding Alphanumeric Additional Information
29C High end programable Additional Information
30S Algebraic Scientific Additional Information
31E Basic Scientific Additional Information
32E Scientific and Statistics Additional Information
32S Scientific $49
32Sii Best Selling Scientific $49
33E/C Programmable Scientific Additional Information
33S RPN Scientific Additional Information
34C Advanced Scientific Additional Information
35 The First Slide Rule Pocket Calculator $69
37E Financial Additional Information
38E/C Programable Financial Additional Information
41C Alphanumeric programmable $79
41CV Alphanumeric programmable $79
41CX Alphanumeric programmable $79
42S High End Scientific HP41 compatable $69
45 The Slide Rule + $69
48G Graphing Scientific $59
48G+ Graphing Scientific with 128k ram $59
48GX Graphing Expandable Scientific $79
48S Graphing Scientific $59
48SX Graphing Expandable Scientific $69
48Gii Graphing Scientific Additional Information
49G Graphing Scientific Additional Information
49G+ Graphing Scientific Additional Information
50G Graphing Scientific Additional Information
55 Programmable with Timer $69
65 The First Programmable Handheld $89
67 Mag Card Scientific $89
70 Low cost Business Calculator $69
80 The First Business Calculator $69
9G Algebraic Scientific Additional Information
9S Algebraic Scientific Additional Information
91 Printing Scientific $119
92 Printing Business $119
97 Printing Scientific $149
97S 97 with I/O $159

Accessories by model number

Model Description USA
82104A HP41 Card Reader $69
82002 Classic Battery Charger $59

Battery Rebuilds

These prices are not for the purchase of batteries outright, we must first receive your old battery in order to rebuild it.

Model Description USA
82120A HP41 Rechargable Battery $39
82001A/B Classic LED Machine Battery $25
82033A 90 Series Machine Battery $35